Water of Shiloh


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Life has always been a mystery, given the fact that you are imprisoned in a vessel known as the Human Body, which is relegated to time, having varying life spans, within a consciousness known as the Universe, which you find yourself a part of. And given the various religions out there that add to the confusion and the various scientific suppositions and technological advancements, all of which relay an apocalyptic end to mankind and the universe as a whole, it is time to learn the truth about Life.

The world reels in evil, with each being seeking an upper hand over the other while seeking to sustain the life they know; if this was the original idea behind creation, then it would not have become: for evil cannot create, it can only destroy; and the life you know is beyond your control, being ignorant of who you really are.  When you look deep into space and see the cosmos, you wonder about the universe, realizing you are a minute part of the vastness of the magnificence known as the Universe; and then you wonder why and how it became and what you are doing here as a part of it and how you became, then you wonder if there is any meaning to your life, given the unknown. Many, on the other hand, focus on what they call the Reality of their life while they are alive, thinking to themselves they will figure out how to cross the bridge of the unknown when they get to it, as if death pre-warns you before it occurs.

Given the confusion that runs the world, it is no wonder many do not want to know, because there is no way of confirming if what is being relayed to them is true. Religion tells you to believe through faith; but where is that faith coming from and what exactly are you supposed to be believing, given the diversity and self-righteousness of each religion? And science tells you that you are simply an organic being formed of the same material as the universe and nothing more, yet cannot tell you how you came to posses the breath of life and how you acquired intelligence. And technology on the other hand, in spite of its promises, is on a path to destroy mankind, giving the motives that advance it. Everyone has what is known as Intuition, a voice that speaks to them from within; but given the confusion that runs the world, they cannot even believe the voice from within them, simply because they do not know who they are, which is why it is written, My people get destroyed and die in captivity due to lack of knowledge.

Experiencing life without knowledge is walking through life blindly. It is time to wake up and understand the mystery of all things: if there is a God, who and what he is, what the universe is and how it came to be, what you are actually seeing when you look at the sum of the universe, what Life is and how it came to be and if there is an afterlife, who writes and dictates the course of life, the principles that govern life, what religion is and who propels it, the difference between religion and the true Spirit, what science is and what technology is, that you may know how to navigate the experience and govern your life: for life does not end as you know it; and the cosmos do not exist by chance and without purpose.

If you seek the knowledge of these things, click on and read the Book of Life.