Water of Shiloh


About the Author

When you are born into the world, you find yourself in a strange environment: in an avatar in a strange world which you gradually start to acclimate yourself to; comfortingly for you, you have parents through who you came into the world to guide, provide and protect you till you come of age: unfortunately they also rely on the knowledge passed on by their parents before them who in turn also relied on their parents, dating back to the forefathers: this wisdom is of the World. The question as to who you really are, where you really are and what you are doing here gets lost as you find yourself caught up in the engine of society, intelligible advancement and the struggle to protect and maintain your living status.

The wisdom of the world is taught by the World and understood through experiences based on the traditions of society. The wisdom of God, which is the Light of creation, can only come from God, the Omniscience from whom everything became and in whom everything exists. Science and religion have sought to unravel the mystery of life; but in trying to unravel the mystery they end up confounding the simplicity of what life is and generating complications. The mystery of Life is a simplicity that can be understood by a child in its purity; so giving credence to a testimony based on who the Author is glorifies worldly wisdom instead of the gift of enlightenment sent to you from the very source of Light.

The mystery is herewith delivered to you as a gift, including the mystery of the Book and of the Seven seals, that you may awaken to the reality of what Life is and where you are relative to the Apocalypse. Buy of the water of Shiloh/Siloam freely, without money, that you may see and live: for it is living water springing up into everlasting life. This is not about the bearer of the Light, but the glory of the Light!